Citrus Season in full swing

It's that bountiful time of year when citrus is in full swing and the preparation and juicing of all the fruits is in motion!

Cumquats and limes are amongst the earliest to get going, closely followed by pink grapefruits and the highly prized bergamots from Mountain Yuzu in the Alpine Valley.

Tangelos and Valencia oranges follow , and then a very short season of blood oranges.

It's an exciting time to receive all this citrus bounty.  

The cumquats are blended with lemon and bergamot juice to create a seasonal offer of the Cumquat Crush.  This is only available at farmers markets for several months over the winter.

Pink grapefruit features in the Ruby Grapefruit Blush , a less sweet cordial option with a pleasing  lingering bitterness from the grapefruit.  Of course this will blend superbly with a gin and tonic.

Here's to a busy winter of juicing and the best aromas of the year in the Stir Crazy Kitchen!!