Stir Crazy

Seeded Spelt Oatcakes


Delicious savoury crisp oatcake with toasted black and white sesame, poppy and flax seeds.  Bound with Strathbogie ranges olive oil and Burrum Biodynamics wholegrain spelt flour.

These are lightly seasoned with pink salt and cracked pepper, and are delicious with soft goats curd and chilli jelly.

They make a wonderful canapé base for topping with any soft cheese and cured meats- try proscuitto, whipped goats curd and a little sliced fresh fig or melon.


Biodynamic wholegrain spelt flour, biodynamic rolled oats, Lisadurne Hill olive oil, water, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cracked pepper, pink lake salt

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